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A marketer's guide to TikTok 抖音

A comprehensive e-learning guide to TikTok (抖音) for marketing and advertising professionals

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TikTok has exploded onto our screens in recent years. The Chinese based social media platform, known as Douyin (抖音) and created by Bytedance in China, has become the destination for short form mobile users and has captured Gen Z audiences across the globe, from China and India to the USA. The app was one of the most downloaded in the world in 2019 with over 700 million downloads. However marketing and advertising professionals often fail to engage with the users in an authentic manner and in a way that really resonates with the consumer, and thus fail to exploit TikTok’s full potential.

Attend this course if you want to:

  • To learn how to set up inside China (Douyin) and outside of China (TikTok)
  • Get an understanding of TikTok’s reach and potential
  • Learn how to create an effective channel for your brand
  • Run an effective campaign with KOLs
  • Learn from case studies on launching effective TikTok marketing campaigns


Carrie A. Yu

Yu Ignite Ltd.

Course Syllabus

Module  1

An introduction to the platform

  • An overview of TikTok’s history and development
  • What is TikTok’s current reach and core demographics
  • An overview of the features: views, likes, comments, shares etc
  • How to set up a TikTok account
  • How to create an account
    • Downloading the app and sign up
    • Setting up your profile
    • Viewing the video feed
    • Like, commenting, or sharing videos you enjoy
    • Searching for videos
    • Following users via videos search or TikCode
    • Setting up your shots and picking out special effects
    • Recording the video
    • Making final edits and adding a caption to the video
    • Dueting with other users
    • Participating in challenges
Module  2

TikTok & Douyin (抖音)

  • Why the two platforms?
  • A look at the different features on the two platforms
Module  3

Marketing and brand outreach


  • Why should brands care about TikTok
    • What’s working when it comes to TikTok Marketing?
      • Capitalising on trends
      • Giveaways
      • TikTok original songs
      • Challenges
      • Keeping things pretty funny
      • Collaborations
    • Pay to play: A guide to buying ads on TikTok
Module  4

Key opinion leaders and the influencer market

  • How to build a successful strategy

  • Studying TikTok’s platform

  • Set TikTok campaign goals

  • Research and analysis of TikTok influencers

  • Allowing TikTok influencers to express creativity

  • Measuring TikTok campaign results

  • Making sure TikTok influencer sponsorships are FTC compliant

  • Trying other TikTok advertising formats

Module  5

Publishing on TikTok

  • TikTok video length and formatting

  • Action lists

  • When is the best time to publish your content?

Module  6

Going viral on TikTok

  • Going viral on TikTok
    • What do you need to know about TikTok?
    • Organic strategies:
      • Sticking to one theme
      • TikTok challenges
      • 5 videos per day
      • Using your own music
        • Adding your own song
      • Publishing other's successful viral videos
      •  Comments and responses
      • Hashtags
      • Reposting your videos
      • Virtual effects
      • Where to write text
      • Where to not write text
      • Split screen
      • Collaboration
      • Sharing across other social media
      • Getting your badge certified
      • Being authentic

How does this online course work?

Practical application
The course avoids theory-heavy lectures, and instead offers learning in practical, bite-sized modules that participants can complete in their own time.
High quality materials
Participants gain access to expert materials and step-by-step training to prepare themselves and guide others in specific situations with in-depth guidelines and scenarios.
Flexible and mobile learning mode
Materials are available 24/7 online, so participants can access the course in their own time. Our Uniqskills programme will remember their progress, so they can come back to it when it suits them and revisit the course whenever they need.
Good investment
An online course saves time and money compared to traditional face-to-face events or expensive consultants.
Certificate of completion
he self-assessment quiz allows participants to test their knowledge, and upon completion, receive a certificate documenting their professional development.

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A marketer's guide to TikTok 抖音

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