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Managing health & mental wellbeing in the workplace

A comprehensive online course for Hong Kong's HR professionals, managers, supervisors, team leaders and corporate counsellors

Begins on 14 September 2020

While physical health and wellbeing is a topic that is frequently discussed in the corporate space, mental health and wellbeing is woefully neglected in Hong Kong. Sidelined as a taboo subject within our society. A survey of the mental health and wellbeing of Hong Kong’s citizens conducted by the Department of Health in 2018 has found that over 40 percent of the respondents rated their mental health status in the past six months preceding the survey as fair, poor or very poor.

Research has shown that poor mental health amongst staff has severely detrimental effects on business productivity and company morale, manifesting itself in absenteeism, presenteeism and high turnover rates, all of which can be expensive to a company.

There is a general lack of awareness on how mental health and wellbeing strategies could work in the workplace as well as a prevalent perception amongst business stakeholders that mental wellbeing is of secondary importance. However, proactive and preventative approaches are being developed to help combat this stigmatism and to improve employee’s mental health and wellbeing.

Designed by Human Resources Online, a pan-Asia media & events brand that is passionate about the progression of HR, this online course aims to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to:

  • Get employee mental health and wellness on your organization’s business agenda;
  • Achieve buy-in for investment into employee mental healthcare and wellness;
  • Spot concerns and take action to support employees; and
  • Implement sustainable mental wellness initiatives in the company.

Attend this course if you want to:

  • Help break down the stigma around mental health in the workplace and make employee mental wellbeing a core business priority in your company
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of mental health issues in the workplace
  • Develop skills and strategies to support a distressed employee
  • Address performance concerns when mental health is a factor
  • Put in place a proactive strategy to tackle the root causes of work-related mental health issues
  • Support employees who are experiencing mental health problems, and keeping employees engaged

Course content

  • Video recordings and teachings from a leading expert
  • Prepared simulation and exercises
  • Materials for reference and self study
  • Case studies and best practices that prepare you for situations you may face


Dr. Adrian Low

PsyD, CPsychol, MSPS

Course Syllabus

Module  1

Understanding Employee Health & Mental Wellbeing

You will learn:

  • What is mental health, and how it affects the body and mind
  • What health & mental wellbeing means in Hong Kong today
  • How mental health problems  and issues with wellbeing manifest themselves within the workforce
  • The financial and organizational impact on businesses in Hong Kong
  • How to construct a robust business case for corporate wellness management
  • What a holistic and sustainable implementation plan look like
Module  2

Fostering a Supportive Workplace Environment

You will learn:

  • About the mental health stigma in Hong Kong’s workplaces, and best practices to combat this stigmatism
  • About stress, anxiety, depression and addiction; what the key indicators to watch out for are
  • How to identify, approach and support colleagues in need of help
  • How to create a supportive culture and encourage help-seeking behaviors for mental wellness at work
  • Best practices for creating open communication between employees and employers
  • How to manage mental health self-care and self-resilience
  • How to develop corporate support systems to help deal with traumatic social events
Module  3

Incorporating Employee Health & Mental Wellbeing Policies

You will learn:

  • An overview of the SAR government’s Mental Health Workplace Charter
  • How to identify common roadblocks to implementing mental health policies within the workplace
  • Best practices for establishing c-suite buy-in for the implementation of health and mental wellbeing policies
  • How to develop a robust but adaptive policy for your employees individual needs, including:
    1. Consultation on the current condition of the workplace
    2. Developing mental health policies suited to the workplace
    3. Preparing a employee communication plan
    4. Implementing through champions and advocates
    5. Monitoring and coordinating activities
    6. Summarizing and evaluating programmes
  • How to motivate your employees to participate in a culture of wellbeing


Module  4

Managing Employee Health & Mental Wellbeing as a Leader

You will learn:

  • What are the most effective human capital management qualities for employee support
  • To identify and avoid the roadblocks to effective communication
  • How to strategically address performance concerns in a professional and empathetic manner
  • Where occupational health and wellbeing stands within Hong Kong law: Employees Compensation Ordinance (Cap. 282) and common law

How does this online course work?

Practical application
The course avoids theory-heavy lectures, and instead offers learning in practical, bite-sized modules that participants can complete in their own time.
High quality materials
Participants gain access to expert materials and step-by-step training to prepare themselves and guide others in specific situations with in-depth guidelines and scenarios.
Flexible and mobile learning mode
Materials are available 24/7 online, so participants can access the course in their own time. Our Uniqskills programme will remember their progress, so they can come back to it when it suits them and revisit the course whenever they need.
Good investment
An online course saves time and money compared to traditional face-to-face events or expensive consultants.
Certificate of completion
The self-assessment quiz allows participants to test their knowledge, and upon completion, receive a certificate documenting their professional development.

You will take part in

Managing health & mental wellbeing in the workplace

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