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Wellness 101 – Investing in yourself

A look at investing in yourself and how it can pay dividends


The term “investment” is easily associated with money often with a focus on financial freedom or early retirement. But as the old saying goes “money is not everything”, so shouldn’t we stop and think that our time and our experiences as investments also? You’d be surprised to know that investing in yourself may be the most profitable investment you could ever make. The yields are not just guaranteed for your future but they also have a pay-off in the present as well. 

Attend this course if you want to:

  • Have an understanding of the principles of investing in yourself 
  • Understand the importance of physical health and the role that nutrition plays in wellbeing 

  • Understand what the benefits are of investing in your mental wellbeing, and how to attain them 

  • Learn how to  develop a planned investment programme 

Course content

  • Video recordings and teachings from a leading expert
  • Prepared simulation and exercises
  • Materials for reference and self study
  • Case studies and best practices that prepare you for situations you may face

Course Syllabus

Module  1

Module 1 – The definition, value and outcome of having to invest in yourself

  • What do we mean by investing in yourself? 

  • Why is it important to invest in yourself? 

  • What are the immediate challenges when investing in yourself? 

  • What are the benefits of having to invest in yourself? 

Module  2

Module 2 – Investing in your physical health

  • Why is caring for your body an investment? 

  • How do you care and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle? 

  • How does rest and relaxation contribute to improving your health? 

  • Why is listening to your body important and not being anxious of regular health check-ups? 

  • What are the challenges and solutions when having to invest in your physical health? 

Module  3

Module 3 – Nutrition as a means of physical investment

  • What does nutrition mean to you and why should it matter? 

  • How do diets differ and how do you tell what is suitable for you? 

  • What does good nutrition look like and how do we attain it?  

  • What are the benefits of investing in good nutrition and diet plans? 

  • Nutritional fad and trends - what should you be looking out for?

Module  4

Module 4 – Investing in your mental wellbeing

  • What do we mean by mental wellbeing? 

  • What are the similarities of physical health to mental wellbeing as an investment? 

  • What are the steps and factors to consider when investing in mental wellbeing? 

  • How do we the respond to difficulties when investing in mental wellbeing? 

  • How do our emotions determine our mental health? 

Module  5

Module 5 – Investing in money

  • What does good financial investment look like?

  • What are the practical options that you should consider when investing in finances? 

  • What are the different kinds of financial investments tools or products and how do you initiate any investment processes? 

  • How do you get better pay with your chosen profession? 

How does this online course work?

Practical application
The course avoids theory-heavy lectures, and instead offers learning in practical, bite-sized modules that participants can complete in their own time.
High quality materials
Participants gain access to expert materials and step-by-step training to prepare themselves and guide others in specific situations with in-depth guidelines and scenarios.
Flexible and mobile learning mode
Materials are available 24/7 online, so participants can access the course in their own time. Our Uniqskills programme will remember their progress, so they can come back to it when it suits them and revisit the course whenever they need.
Good investment
An online course saves time and money compared to traditional face-to-face events or expensive consultants.
Certificate of completion
The self-assessment quiz allows participants to test their knowledge, and upon completion, receive a certificate documenting their professional development.

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Wellness 101 – Investing in yourself

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